© Le Dernier Jour, Photography Direction by Alexandre de Bellefeuille.

Currently Featured
Most often, when people pursue what they love, extraordinary things happen. At ArtContext’Cultured, we take interest in these people, their work and their passions.  Many of them we met through our creative collaborations, others we are creatives whose work we love, but all of them have one thing in common, they  share our interest in humanity and our belief that good and purposeful work can make a change for the better.

Currently featured is Alexandre De Bellefeuille, a film and video director from Montreal. He creates meticulously framed, shiny images. These images are artfully assembled into playful and (sometimes...) clever narratives.

Nicknamed the “Swiss Army Knife” of video making, he switches seamlessly from directing to DOP-ing to editing with effortless precision. He has worked behind the lens for fiction shorts and docs, directed numerous fashion campaigns (Revlon, Yorkdale...), moody commercials (Orchestre Metropolitain, National Bank...) and produced branded content for the coolest kids in tech (Unity, Future of Storytelling...).

Everything he shoots becomes fiction. Every fiction goes to heaven (but not before client approval).