© Photograph by Alina Dakiner.

Our diverse team is comprised of what can be described as design and art translators. We will help designers and artists better express their creative intent to corporations, whilst aligning the corporations’ interests with the best possible creative match. Only by bridging the two worlds will each collaborative partner leave with a better understanding of their respective industries.

Developing partnerships between Europe and the Americas, we are a multidisciplinary team with established backgrounds in the applied arts and commerce brought together by our love for what we do and our belief in creativity’s unique capacity to articulate issues seen as complex or difficult.

We are here to help you see things differently. We are forward thinkers, instigators, matchmakers , curators and a think tank.

We believe that creativity is a an ever-changing, evolving, renewable source of marketing that can be utilized in ways previously unemployed. It is a tool for business development and a driver of social innovation.