© Spazio Orlandi Milan Design Week 2016. Photo courtesy of ART11.

One of the many goals of our advisory practice, is to help our collaborators and our clients see things differently.

Our practice is based on solid ideas and concepts that have been addressed by many leaders in our respective fields. We do believe that all successful projects, have effective collaboration at their core, which can only be achieved by knowledge sharing. We have therefore put together a list of references that we think you will find interesting and relevant and we would like to share with you.

The list bellow is not only academic, it contains a variety of topics from a wide range of sources. We invite you to consult them at your leisure and to share them with whomever you think might find them interesting.

Mapping the Terrain’ Art, 1995
Game On! Process Book’ Design, 2019
Design and Social Impact’ Design, 2013
Beyond Green’ Report, 2016
Storytelling’ Thesis, 2012
Beautiful World’ Thesis, 2000