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Malina Corpadean' Executive Creative Director
Ghislaine Sauvé-Tong’ Executive Creative Director
Anna-Maria Abbruzzo’ Executive Creative Director

I am delighted to introduce ArtContext - our new collaborative endeavour.

Some of you might be familiar with our individual work, as we have had different (yet complimentary) career paths. It was precisely these paths have led us to each other. As a united team, we bring our clients into our fold and help them grow progressively throughout the different stages required to better build a brand.

I have always been fascinated by the arts and brands alike and my experience in the fashion industry in the last twenty years has cemented my belief that the right collaborations help expand the horizons for the parties involved as well as contribute to fostering innovation and social involvement.

Our complimentary structure gives us the tools, to offer a complete range of services. Both creatives and corporations can benefit from our work in cultural sustainability, strategy and design. Each partner enters at different stages of the creative process, to give the necessary support and structure needed for a strong Cultural Discourse. From the inception stage to project completion, the expertise of the team produces a transfer of knowledge smoothly and efficiently, to better fufill our clients’ needs.

It is often said that the best business ideas come from identifying a problem and creating the solution. This company was started with the strong belief that now, more than ever, there is a real need for a new type of dialogue between the arts and society.

We believe in social, economic and environmental change through the arts and that the right involvement of brands, corporations, government entities, and private foundations can change the very fabric of our communities.

-Malina Corpadean