About Artcontext

Dancer by Nico Krijno, 2022

Converting the desire for works of art into real-life connections, ArtContext_e is an advisory on all aspects of acquisition, exhibition, curations, conservation, and patronage.

With a long-term perspective on making, managing, and mediating art collections, Malina Corpadean and Anne Roger share an expansive sense of taste activated within a variety of mediums and markets. Beyond and including considerations of investing in art, the advisory’s mission is to explore and delight clients, collectors, and audiences at the intersections of artistic/corporate, ephemeral/permanent, timeless/current, showing/collecting, observing/owning, buying-for and belonging-to. Whether in its multidisciplinary projects, public endeavours, or private consulting, the duo provides bespoke and empowered results using their capacious outlook, soundly researched connections, and a shared objective that starts with knowing where art works.


Malina Corpadean — Founder and Art Advisor

Anne Roger — Senior Art Advisor and Curator

Services Provided

The advisory provides bespoke services for sourcing and acquiring artworks for collections. Results are powered by a capacious outlook, soundly researched connections, and a point of view that will add value and relevance to collections of any scale.

Curation is the place where time, context, and a unique point of view meet the desire for exhibition. From ideation to promotion, cataloguing works, writing didactic texts, and managing the transport or display of works, ArtContext_e is a curatorial nexus. The point of departure can be a moment, a single work, a corpus, or a conversation with an individual, a foundation, a company, an estate, or a community of art-lovers anywhere.

Converting the need for brand visibility into a partnership, this service includes and exceeds expectations of a "rebrand". The curation of artist-Brand collaborations is a service that combines all aspects of lending an artist's vibe and aesthetic to a product or corporation's desire to reach new audiences. In so doing, clients remind their customers that they're more than a brand: they keep good company, too.