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Group Exhibition: Gestures of Comfort

In 2019, Anne Roger, as part of the exhibition director team at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, curated Gestures of Comfort, a group exhibition showcasing works by Sara Anstis, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Jane Corrigan, Kim Dorland, Stephanie Hier, Laurie Kang, Marlon Kroll, Bridget Moser, Jeanie Riddle, and Catherine Telford Keogh.

In the comfort of the domestic space, everyday life goes by as days elapse in simplicity. Self-care settles as a routine of meticulously calculated movements. Careful grooming and affectionate caresses, evoking self-pleasure, mingle in intimate sceneries. The experience of the banal and ennui translate into daydreaming and self-reflection. Subjects are absentminded, indulging in fantasies. Works depict moments of vulnerability, innocence and contemplation. Viewers stand as witnesses of those personal moments, unexpectedly becoming voyeurs.